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Hennessey Strap Locks, Metallic Purple Hennessey Strap Locks, Gold Hennessey Strap Locks, Black Hennessey Strap Locks, Metallic Blue
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Hennessey Strap Locks

Hennessey Strap Locks, by On Stage Stands. Fed up of your guitar coming of the strap ends? Or does your playing suffer because you are paranoid about your guitar crashing to the ground. If this is you, invest in some Strap Locks. Simply put these strap locks replace the strap button that screws to y...
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TremDevil Allen Key

The TremDevil is a handy, portable Allen key which will fit any locking nut and most locking tremolo systems. Stick one on your keys and you’ll be ready for mid-gig adjustments and post-divebomb tuning without the frantic rummage through the toolbox. An essential gig tool, the well prepared li...
£3.79 Available Stock: 74 BUY

Jim Dunlop Stringwinder

Jim Dunlop Stringwinder / Peg Extractor. These handy stringwinders are ideal for speeding up the task of putting new strings on your guitar. Available in various colours, these stringwinders also have a handy peg puller to remove the pegs on acoustic guitars. ...
£2.99 Available Stock: 78 BUY

Ghs Fast Fret Guitar String Cleaner

GHS Fast Fret. Fast Fret lubricates your strings so that you can play faster. One can lasts ages....
£7.25 Available Stock: 30 BUY

On-Stage Grip Clip - GSA6400

On-Stage Grip Clip Clip your strap! Grip your cable! Never become unplugged! Prevents the inadvertent unplugging of guitars, basses and other strap worn instruments. Clip on the strap behind your back producing a gentle loop to reduce stress on the strap and input jack. Protects your instruments fro...
£1.00 Available Stock: 95 BUY

The Original String Stretcha

A lot of musicians mistake their guitar tuning problems as a guitar problem. More often than not, the guitar is not the problem. Tuning problems are likely the result of strings that have not been stretched properly.When you stretch your strings using the conventional method of pulling on random are...
£14.99 Available Stock: 6 BUY

Chord Guitar / Bass Stringwinder GSW2

A must-have accessory for changing strings Chord Stringwinder Make putting strings on easy and not a chore with this handy stringwinder. Speeds up winding of the string onto the machine head. Also includes a handy tool to remove acoustic guiatr bridge pins. ...
£2.99 Available Stock: 22 BUY

Stagg Pick Plectrum Holder - Each

Stagg Pickholder with adhesive backing, holds several plectrums for easy access to them when playing. Various colours available....
£1.99 Available Stock: 28 BUY

D'addario Pro Guitar String Winder/Cutter DP0002

Unlike ordinary peg winders, the Pro-Winder is a high-quality peg winder with a built-in clipper and bridge pin puller. The Pro-Winder is designed to fit virtually all guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins. Ergonomically designed with durable hardened steel wire cutters, the Pro-Winder is the ultim...
£10.99 Available Stock: 5 BUY

Chord Set of 6 Machine Heads, Acoustic Or Electric

Set of 6 (3 upper, 3 lower) replacement tuning machine heads for electric or steel strung acoustic guitar. Individually fitted, closed gear design with plated steel housing and button grip....
£9.99 Available Stock: 12 BUY

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