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Qtx Turntable Phono Pre Amp 128.513

QTX PRE-AMPLIFIER FOR TURNTABLESThis handy little box will amplify the signal from a turntable, making it suitable for line level (AUX) input.Stereo pre-amplifier for use with turntables fitted with magnetic cartridgesAmplifies the signal to match it to the line or CD input of an amplifier On/Off s...
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Stageline FGA-102 Stereo Line Transformer

Professional stereo line transformer,for reducing signal interference and hum loops which may occur, e.g. when connecting PC sound cards to hi-fi systems or mixers. Galvanically isolated inputs and outputs Gold-plated RCA connections (600 Ω) Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz Robust...
£35.00 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Miktek PS2 Dual Channel Phantom Power Supply

The Miktek PS2 is a Two Channel, 48 Volt Phantom Power Supply that is capable of powering two condenser microphones at the same time. It is a perfect solution for applications when using a condenser microphone with a mixer, PA, or other amplifiers that do not provide phantom power for their micropho...
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Chord Phantom Power Unit

DUAL PHANTOM POWER SUPPLYDual phantom power supply suitable for powering condenser microphones. Output voltage 12/48V (switchable) with ground lift option. Supplied with a 15Vdc 700mA adaptor.2 x XLR inputs and 2 x XLR outputsVoltage 12V/48V selector switch with LED indicatorsPower On/Off rocker swi...
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