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On Stage Pick / Plectrum Holder GSAPK6500 Jar of 100

On Stage Pick Holder Jar of 100 Self-adhesive pick holder that sticks to your pickguard, and never be without a plectrum. Keep your picks where you need them. These pick holders feature a peel and stick backing to mount to a guitar, amp, mic stand or any other flat surface. They are made from durabl...
£35.00 Available Stock: 247 BUY

Pro-formance Guitar Cable Gc-6 6m

The Pro-formance GC-6 is a 6m Guitar cable jack/jack, metal connectors with strain relief....
£10.24 Available Stock: 106 BUY

Snark Clip On Chromatic Super Tight Tuner ST-2

New and improved version of the Snark SN-2 All-Instrument Tuner. Super bright and clear "Hi-Def" display viewable from any angle. Faster processing and tracking speeds. Built-in microphone for when the note-sensing feature just does not do the job (great for mandolin). Tap tempo metronome. Tunes all...
£17.49 Available Stock: 53 BUY

Fender Classic Celluloid Tortoiseshell Medium Plectrums

Fender medium thickness celluloid shell plectrum, box of 144. Normally these plecs are 50p each, so at 20p each they are a bargain!      ...
£29.00 Available Stock: 29 BUY
Hennessey Strap Locks, Metallic Purple Hennessey Strap Locks, Metallic Blue Hennessey Strap Locks, Gold Hennessey Strap Locks, Metallic Black Hennessey Strap Locks, Gun Metal Hennessey Strap Locks, Silver Hennessey Strap Locks, Chrome Hennessey Strap Locks, Black Hennessey Strap Locks, Metallic Red
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Hennessey Strap Locks

Hennessey Strap Locks, by On Stage Stands. Fed up of your guitar coming of the strap ends? Or does your playing suffer because you are paranoid about your guitar crashing to the ground. If this is you, invest in some Strap Locks. Simply put these strap locks replace the strap button that screws to y...
options from £7.99 Available
Shown: Metallic Purple, ,

Tgi Tuner 101 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

5 different settings in one tuner : Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin , Ukulele TGI 101 clip on Chromatic digital tuner The TGI27 is a clip-on tuner. Its portable and compact design makes it easy to travel with you. The display can be easily rotated in all directions and angles. Features Auto ...
£6.50 Available Stock: 103 BUY

Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar System

 Line 6 Digital Wireless for Guitars & Basses Normally with wireless systems you need to plug them in, tune them up to the right frequency and hope that the encryption has worked and you are set up. With the G10 you plug in....and that is it. Really that is all you need to do. Using automat...
£109.00 Available Stock: 6 BUY

Fender CR2032 Button Battery

Fender CR2032 Button Battery for tuners...
£1.50 Available Stock: 417 BUY

Stagg Electric Heavy Duty Gig Bag STB-NDURA15UE

Stagg Electric Heavy Duty Gig Bag STB-NDURA15UE Designed for most standard electric guitars The new NDURA range of gig bags from Stagg delivers a rugged and durable design, which is both lightweight to carry whilst offering considerable protection to your instrument. From your home to the studio to ...
£39.00 Available Stock: 15 BUY
On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap, Blueburst On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap, Green On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap, Grey On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap, Yellow On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap, Orange On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap, Red On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap, Blue On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap, White !
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On Stage Gsa10 Guitar Strap

On Stage GSA10 2" woven guitar strap, fully adjustable, leather ends....
options from £4.99 Available
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