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Clarke 10 Hole Harmonica Key of C

Clarke 10 hole blues harmonica in the key of 'C' finished in gold Gift packaged tube Includes history and information sheet Includes cleaning cloth ...
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Hohner 280/64 C Chromonica

The star of the Chromonica series, this solo-tuned sixteen-hole chromatic model is fitted with wind saving valves and covers a four octave range, thus giving an extra octave below middle C.  Players overwhelmingly agree that this round holed, (the fourty reed and fourty-eight reed models have s...
£174.99 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Hohner Blues 7 Piece Harmonica Set & Case 000536

This Hohner Blues Harmonica set contains 7 diatonic harmonicas in a handy zip up pouch. This set of seven Harmonicas covers the most popular keys for playing blues, country, folk or rock music. Each Harmonica is beautifully finished with chrome cover plates and numbered reeds for Arrow Method notati...
£54.99 Available Stock: 3 BUY

Chord HNH1 Harmonica Holder

HARMONICA HOLDER Spring bar clamp with adjustable neck hoop for holding a harmonica in position for hands-free playing. Dimensions 220x 210 x 20mm Weight 140 g please note harmonica not included. ...
£6.99 Available Stock: 8 BUY
Lee Oskar Harmonica, E Lee Oskar Harmonica, Major Diatonic E ! Lee Oskar Harmonica, A Lee Oskar Harmonica, Db Lee Oskar Harmonica, D Lee Oskar Harmonica, F# Lee Oskar Harmonica, B ! Lee Oskar Harmonica, F
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Lee Oskar Harmonica

Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonica Lee Oskar is acclaimed by both critics and peers as one of the worlds' greatest harmonica players.His incredible Lee Oskar harmonicas are the result of over 40 years playing, performing and experimenting as a dedicated professional. Replaceable reed plates, plastic combs...
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Shown: E,
Tombo 1610 Folk Blues Harmonica, F Tombo 1610 Folk Blues Harmonica, A Tombo 1610 Folk Blues Harmonica, E !
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Tombo 1610 Folk Blues Harmonica

Tombo Folk Blues Harmonica  MAJOR DIATONIC Plastic Comb Available 12 Keys plus Low F and High G Suitable for anybody that wants to play hard. Good for Rock 'n Roll & R&B....
options from £24.99 Available
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Lee Oskar Harmonica Tool Kit

Tool kit for servicing harmonicas, especially Lee Oskar models. Complete set of tools to enable quick and easy adjustment of your harmonica, including reed plate changing and tuning. Includes instuctions and mini tool roll....
£33.95 Available Stock: 1 BUY
Stagg Howlin' Harp Blues Harmonica BJH-B20, G Stagg Howlin' Harp Blues Harmonica BJH-B20, E Stagg Howlin' Harp Blues Harmonica BJH-B20, C
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Stagg Howlin' Harp Blues Harmonica BJH-B20

Stagg Howlin' Harp Blues Harmonica BJH-B20 in C Major Blues Harmonica in C major 10 holes diatonic (20 tones) 0.9 mm Copper reed plate ...
options from £9.99 Available
Shown: G,

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica

Perfect for the seasoned harpist or those who are just starting out, the Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica is versatile enough for any level of player. With solid construction, a traditional shape and bright, articulate tone, this diatonic 10-hole harmonica offers the classic sound and long-lasting reli...
£12.99 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Lee Oskar / Tombo Harmonica Holder 10hh

This is the only harmonica holder suitable for 10 hole diatonic harmonicas! Why? Well, on a standard harmonica holder, the lugs that adjust to fit the harmonica move every time you play the harmonica, and eventually the harmonica moves further and further away and may even fall out! The Tombo / L...
£19.99 Available Stock: 1 BUY

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