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Stagg Pro-Formance Speakon - Jack Cable Hpc10sj/2.5p 10m

Stagg / Proformance HPC10 10m Speakon- compatible plug - jack lead for speakers. Heavy duty 2.5mm sq cable for low signal loss....
£19.99 Available Stock: 43 BUY

Yamaha Tio1608d 16ch Digital Stagebox

Yamaha TIO1068 Stagebox for TF-1 mixer...
£780.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Klotz Sc3-10sw Speakon-Speakon Cable 10m

Klotz SC3-10SW, 10m long, Genuine Neutrik 2 pole Speakon - Speakon loudspeaker cable. The cable is a chunky 2 x 2.5 sq mm oxygen free copper, which is made in Germany. In addition, all Klotz cables benefit fron a 5 year no quibble warranty....
£39.45 Available Stock: 16 BUY

Pro-formance Xlrf-jack 6m Mc-06xj/Ph

This is a reasonably good quality mic lead, branded Pro-formance. It is 6m long, featuring and XLR on one end, and a quarter inch jack on the other. ...
£8.99 Available Stock: 68 BUY

Stagg XLRF-XLRM Mic Lead NMC6R

The Stagg NMCXX series of mic cables are nice quality balanced XLR male to XLR female mic leads. Professional Mic cable XLR/XLR Ningbo-Neutrik connectors ROHS Compliant Length: 1, 3, 6 and 10 metres available                       ...
£13.99 Available Stock: 41 BUY

Soundlab Neutrik Connectors 6.35mm Jack to 6.35mm Jack Cable

High quality jack connectors and speaker cable. Long lasting and great sounding cables for any rig!...
£9.99 Available Stock: 43 BUY

On-Stage Patch Cable Set Pc18-17qtr-R

This 8-pack of mono patch cables are all different vibrant colours, so you won’t have any trouble keeping track of what’s plugged in where. 17” in length. Right angled plugs  ...
£13.99 Available Stock: 26 BUY

GP Ultra PP3 9v Alkaline Battery

GP Alkaline PP3 battery , 9V...
£2.99 Available Stock: 122 BUY

Gaffa 50m, 50mm Wide White

The Ultimate Gaffer / Gaffa / Duct Tape...
£6.99 Available Stock: 51 BUY

Neutrik Nc3mxx Male Xlr Cable End

Neutrik NC3MXX Male XLR cable connector The industry standard male XLR plug. Easy to solder, rock solid dependability....
£3.86 or from £3.09 Available Stock: 92 BUY

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