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Tgi Tuner 101 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

5 different settings in one tuner : Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin , Ukulele TGI 101 clip on Chromatic digital tuner The TGI27 is a clip-on tuner. Its portable and compact design makes it easy to travel with you. The display can be easily rotated in all directions and angles. Features Auto ...
£6.50 Available Stock: 111 BUY

Exe Headphone Amp & Tuner HAT-3F

EXE HAT-3F Fantastic headphone amp and tuner in one and the kit includes headphones! Highly portable and easy to use. The unit comes complete with a set of over the head lightweight headphones and you have a choice of clean, overdrive or high gain distortion settings for your personal practice sessi...
£14.99 Available Stock: 17 BUY

Chord CPT-01 Chromatic Floor Pedal Tuner

Chromatic Guitar / Bass Floor Tuner Pedal The CPT-01 is an auto-chromatic tuner pedal for use with electric musical instruments. Housed in sturdy die-cast metal with a heavy duty on/off foot switch. A large LED display reads the octave range and note. Also features a tuning accuracy meter, selected ...
£24.99 Available Stock: 18 BUY

Ashdown Fs-bass-ometer Bass Tuner Pedal

Ashdown BassOmeter Bass Tuner pedal. A tuner dedicated to the requirements of the bass player with a clear bright display and true bypass switching for on-stage use. ...
£89.00 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Snark S-1 Tuner "Son Of Snark"

Snark QTSS1 Flawless tuning for acoustic, electric and bass guitars • Drop dead accuracy, ultra fast response Super bright, full colour display Clip-on Mini size - face measures only 26mm x 26mm • Easily hides behind headstock Fully chromatic A miracle of miniaturisation ...
£14.99 Available Stock: 8 BUY

Battery, 3v Lithium Cell Cr2032 (Each)

3volt lithium cell, for powering clip-on headstock tuners, etc, model CR2032...
£2.00 Available Stock: 46 BUY

Chord Act12 Clip On Auto Chromatic Tuner

Chord Chromatic tuner model ACT12 Compact clip tuner with patented auto operation. 4 pressure sensors detect when the tuner is clipped to a surface, such as a guitar headstock, activating the tuner. Removal or inactivity for 5 minutes automatically switches the tuner off. Display is virtual needle t...
£9.99 Available Stock: 15 BUY

Snark Clip On Ukulele Tuner SN-6

The Snark SN6 Clip-on Chromatic Ukulele Tuner is incredibly quick and very accurate chromatic tuner, optimised for use with Ukuleles. The Snark SN6 features a full colour LCD display - perfect for dark stages and a ribbed rubber 'stay-out' clip which ensures grip on any instrument. The SN6 can also ...
£15.99 Available Stock: 3 BUY

Tanglewood Clip On Tuner TCT1

Tanglewood Clip On Chromatic Tuner.  Accurate digital tuner, traffic light-style. Red & green LCD display with stage back light. Very good tuner, easy to use and at an amazingly low price!...
£17.95 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Sx Pitch Pipes

Set of 6 pitch pipes for tuning guitar or bass. ...
£2.55 Available Stock: 14 BUY

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