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Chord Guitar Squeeze Capo SQC1 Acoustic/Electric, Black Chord Guitar Squeeze Capo SQC1 Acoustic/Electric, White !
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Chord Guitar Squeeze Capo SQC1 Acoustic/Electric

One handed quick change Capo, designed for 6 string guitars, both acoustic & electric. ...
options from £4.99 Available
Shown: Black, ,

Shubb 6 String Guitar Capo C1

Shubb 6 string guitar capo. Simple and easy to operate, the Shubb Capo is a very popular choice....
£16.99 Available Stock: 11 BUY

G7th Performance 2 Classical Capo

G7th Performance 2 Classical Capo  The Performance 2 is slimmer and lighter, the patented clutch mechanism is now reversed, which gives it a much faster squeeze-on, squeeze-off action. It has also been designed to store behind the nut or on the peghead when not in use....
£28.99 Available Stock: 6 BUY

Swiff K8-U Ukulele/Partial Capo

Swiff K8-U Ukulele/Partial Capo For use on a 4 string guitar and Ukulele, can also be used on a 6 string guitar as a partial capo. K8-U Total metal material Quality steel spring Perfect silicon cushion Comfortable hand-feeling Easy to grip and move fast....
£14.95 Available Stock: 10 BUY

G7th Newport Classical Guitar Capo

G7th Newport Classical Guitar Capo With its light weight and low profile, the G7th Newport allows for fast, accurate capoing with fine tune adjustment - in position - on the fretboard of your instrument. An advancement on existing designs, the Newport''s refined adjustment means that only the right ...
£19.95 Available Stock: 7 BUY

G7th Performance 3 Capo Acoustic/Electric

G7th Performance 3 capo  The Performance 3 is the culmination of years of designing, tweaking, and improving - but most importantly, listening to guitarists and their views on what a capo should do. Now, coupling our Unique Tension Control system with the revolutionary ART string pad mechanism ...
£37.95 Available Stock: 3 BUY

Chord Guitar Spring Capo SC2A

Chord Guitar Spring Capo SC2A Metal capo with easy to fit spring loaded mechanism. Ideal for acoustic or electric guitars. Finished in Silver.  ...
£5.99 Available Stock: 27 BUY

G7th 6 String Newport Guitar Capo

G7th Newport Low Profile Capo (6 String) The G7TH is a light weight and a low profile, modern capo. The Newport is a fast, accurate capo with in-position fine tune adjustment on the fretboard of your instrument. An advancement over existing capo designs, the Newport's refined adjustment means that o...
£21.99 Available Stock: 3 BUY
Rotosound Spring Capo GC-200, Silver Rotosound Spring Capo GC-200, Black
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Rotosound Spring Capo GC-200

High quality spring capo from Rotosound....
options from £5.99 Available
Shown: Silver, ,
Swiff K8 Guitar Capo, Brushed Copper,For 6 String Guitar Swiff K8 Guitar Capo, Black Swiff K8 Guitar Capo, Silver
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Swiff K8 Guitar Capo

Swiff K8 swiff Guitar Capo The Swiff K8-U is a reliable, smart capo for your acoustic or electric ukulele. The platform touching the strings is silicon to give a balanced sound and resonance, retaining your ukulele’s natural brightness and warmth. The precision spring mechanism keeps the K8-U ...
options from £14.95 Available
Shown: Brushed Copper, For 6 String Guitar,

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