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QTX Iec To Iec 10m 503.611

IEC MAINS EXTENSION LEADIEC male to female extension leads for extending an IEC mains lead or used in IEC daisy chain function to link two powered devices together. Rated at 10A 250V.Cable 3 x 1.0mm²...
£10.99 Available Stock: 14 BUY

Neutrik Chassics Mount Powercon Outlet NAC3MPB

Neutrik NAC3MPB 3 Pin Male Powercon Mains Outlet Chassis<br>Powercon mains outlet chassis. Priced and sold each. Grey....
£3.39 or from £2.71 Available Stock: 29 BUY

SMJ Trailing Socket Adaptor, 4 Way Mains

4 way extension lead fitted with approx 2 metres of cable.Fitted with 13A fused sleeved plug.Rated up to 3000 watts(may vary slightly from picture)...
£5.99 Available Stock: 16 BUY

Power Connections ACP US/China/Japan Adaptor To 13A

Power Connections Acp adaptor. Adapts the plug found on US/ Chinese and Japanese mains plugs to the UK 13A style. This DOES NOT CONVERT VOLTAGE. Simple to fit and use, Made In England....
£2.99 Available Stock: 27 BUY

QTX UK Plug to IEC Power Lead Black 10.0m (114.013UK)

QTX IEC UK MAINS POWER LEAD, BLACK, 10A A 13A UK plug to 3-pole IEC socket cable. Available in 10m lengths Fused at 10A VDE approved ...
£11.99 Available Stock: 14 BUY

Avsl Powerlead IEC Cable 2 Metre

A 13A UK plug to 3-pole IEC socket cable. Basic 1.5m Powerlead....
£3.49 Available Stock: 14 BUY

IEC Plug to Socket Mains Extension Lead - 1.0m (114.051UK)

An IEC plug to IEC socket mains extension lead, ideal for powering a desktop monitor from a tower computer or for extending existing IEC mains leads. 3 core BSI approved leads Suitable for appliances rated up to 2300W ...
£2.99 Available Stock: 16 BUY

AC-UK-IEC-1/1,5 Uk Main Cord IEC, 10A

Powercable UK/IEC 13A 3x1mm, 1,5m...
£2.40 Available Stock: 10 BUY

UK Plug to IEC Power Lead Black 10.0m (114.013UK)

UK 3 pin plug to IEC C13 female plug 3 cores mains power lead, suitable for connecting power to general electronic equipment up to 2300W (10A). BS 1363 approved plug 3 core BSI approved cable 10A fused plug ...
£11.99 Available Stock: 10 BUY

Neutrik Chassis Mount Powercon Inlet

Neutrik NAC3MPA 3 Pole Male Powercon Mains Inlet Chassis<br>Powercon mains inlet chassis. Priced and sold each....
£3.29 or from £2.63 Available Stock: 7 BUY

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