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Adaptor QTX 3.5mm Stereo Plug - 6.3mm Stereo Socket 759.002

3.5mm jack plug to 1/4" stereo jack socket. Ideal for converting a large headphone jack to a smaller sized one like on an iPod....
£1.99 Available Stock: 97 BUY

Adaptor, Phono Socket - Jack Plug 756.019

1/4" jack plug to phono socket adaptor. Good quality, proven reliability....
£0.99 Available Stock: 114 BUY

Qtx Xlr Plug - 6.35mm Jack Plug

XLR plug - 1/4" jack plug adaptor...
£1.99 Available Stock: 26 BUY

Qtx 3.5mm Stereo Jack Plug - 2 X 3.5mm Socket

Adaptor to enable a 3.5mm output to connect to 2 x 3.5mm sockets, in stereo....
£1.99 Available Stock: 33 BUY

Pro-Signal XLR Male -XLR Male Adaptor Single

Pro-Signal Male XLR to Male XLR adaptor - Quality Metal assembly. Price per single unit...
£2.00 Available Stock: 12 BUY

Qtx 6.3mm Mono Socket To 6.3mm Mono Socket 757.843

Coupler to join 2 1/4" jack plugs together....
£1.49 Available Stock: 24 BUY

Qtx Phono Socket - Socket Adaptor

Phono - phono coupler for extending / joining phono cables....
£0.99 Available Stock: 23 BUY

Qtx Right Angled Phono To Jack Gold

1/4" jack plug to phono socket, right angled, gold plated....
£2.49 Available Stock: 16 BUY

Gold Adaptor 6.3mm Stereo Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket - Gold Plated (757.888UK)

1/4" stereo jack plug to 3.5mm stereo jack socket....
£0.99 Available Stock: 19 BUY

Electrovision Adaptor 2 Phono Sockets - 2 Phono Sockets

2 Phono Sockets to 2 Phono Sockets...
£1.99 Available Stock: 8 BUY

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