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Primavera Cello Bow, Ebony,3/4 Size Primavera Cello Bow, Ebony,4/4 Size !
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Primavera Cello Bow

Primavera cello bow. Hardwood bow with ebony frog and pearl eye....
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Shown: Ebony, 3/4 Size,

Primavera Rockabilly Double Bass 3/4

This is a fantastic upright double bass, that looks absolutely fantastic and plays like a dream. 3/4 Laminated Spruce Top Highly figured Laminated Maple Back and Ribs Blonde shaded varnish Ebony Fingerboard and Top-nut Maple bridge with brass Height Adjusters Chrome-plated Machine H...
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Primavera 100 Cello, 1/2 ! Primavera 100 Cello, 1/8 ! Primavera 100 Cello, 4/4 ! Primavera 100 Cello, 1/4 ! Primavera 100 Cello, 3/4 !
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Primavera 100 Cello

Primavera Cello 3/4 Sized Hand carved maple and spruce with inlaid purfling, ebonised fingerboard and pegs, highly polished varnish, Primavera wooden violin bow with ebony frog, metal alloy tailpiece with four integral adjusters, fitted maple bridge....
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Shown: 1/2,

Hercules DS580B Auto Grab Cello Stand

The Hercules DS580B Cello stand is based on the hugely successful,Hercules range of guitar stands. The patented Auto Grip System holds your instrument securely, whilst the instrument is protected by specially formulated foam. There is a "Comfort Grip" for easy height adjustments and a B...
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Dogal 'Green Label' Cello Strings - 3/3 4/4 Size

The Dogal Cello strings are a nice set of mid-price Cello strings, A, D, G, C, Dogal Cello strings are recommended by many teachers. Dogal Green Label Cello String Sets for 3/4 - 4/4 cellos offer beginner and student players a fantastic sounding and authentic feeling string set. Dogal strings have b...
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Hidersine No.3c Cello Rosin

<p>Cello Rosin on traditional cloth. Made in England. Medium Size (26grams). Amber Colour.</P> <P> Presented in a protective metal case. Designed for optimum use with Cello. 10 per master box. </P> <P>Based upon the original rosin recipes from Dr F Hider, Hidersine ros...
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