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Mooer Pitch Box Harmony Pitch Shifter FX

The Mooer Pitch Box is a triple mode micro pedal pitch shifter. Mode 1 lets you create non-intelligent harmonies, mode 2 shifts your whole signal up or down by a set amount and mode 3 is a detune effect for a rich chorus.Total range +2 Octaves.We'll let you decide for yourselves what you think the i...
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Boss Ps-6 Harmonist

Boss PS-6 Harmonist.   The Boss PS-6 Harmonist Compact Guitar Effects Pedal - Four intelligent pitch-shift effects and three-voice harmony in one compact pedal. The Boss PS6 features a powerful, custom-designed DSP chip for superior performance, providing superb sound quality, ease of use, and ...
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Mooer Pitch Step - Pitch Shifting and Harmony Pedal

PITCH STEP is a polyphonic pitch shifter and harmonizer, conveniently built into a small expression pedal for real time control. The integrated features and control options make this pedal very flexible and useful for many different styles of music and applications. Pedal steel bends, whammy shiftin...
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