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Mooer Footswitch Toppers - Mixed Colours

MOOER FOOTSWITCH TOPPER - MIX COLOURs - Each Mooer Candy Footswitch toppers are colorful plastic bumpers intended to be put on the footswitch of your pedals.Some guys are using them for the "hard to reach" footswitches which might otherwise require a tactically aimed big toe to successfull...
£0.99 Available Stock: 232 BUY

Marshall PEDL90010 Clean/Crunch & Overdrive

Marshall 2 button footpedal. Can be used with most Marshall amps that require a 2-button footswith, but this one is most suitable for ones needing clean / crunch and overdrive switching....
£29.00 Available Stock: 3 BUY

Monacor Fs-50 Unlatching Footswitch

Momentary action foot pedal, (push = ON). For musical instruments in combination with electronic accessories Anti-slip, gripping pedal surface 8x6 cm 3 m connection cable with 6.3 mm plug Dimensions: 65x35x88 mm ...
£14.59 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Voodoo Labs Amp Selector Pedal

The Voodoo Lab Amp Selector is the ultimate stand-alone tool for switching your guitar into multiple amplifiers. It lets you use up to four amps simultaneously without added hum or loss of tone. You can switch between or layer amps in any combination. The switching is absolutely silent with no click...
£245.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Mooer Micro ABY MKII Switch Pedal

The Mooer Micro ABY allows you to either switch between two source inputs or two destination outputs by stomping on the footswitch. So you could use it to plug two guitars into the same amp but only have the signal from one at a time, or you could use it to switch between two amps while using one gu...
£40.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

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