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Jim Dunlop MXR Echoplex Delay EP103

The Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay, in a stroke of genius, combines lush Echoplex modulation with 750ms of delay time and adds an Age control to shape your tone. The Echoplex Delay lets you go anywhere from shimmering and musical to disorienting and dissonant. Features include stereo and tap tempo capa...
£219.99 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Mooer Repeater Digital Delay

The Mooer Repeater Digital Delay gives classic high resolution digital delay tones with the option of switching in a chorus effect for really lush spacey sounds. There's also a 'Kill Dry' mode that switches the output to dry only, for use in parallel effects loops. True bypass ensures you tone remai...
£65.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Stagg Blaxx Delay Guitar FX Pedal BX-DELAY

Stagg Blaxx Delay Guitar FX Pedal BX-DELAY Delay effect pedal for electric guitar Sturdy die-cast metal housing True bypass Heavy duty on/off footswitch and LED indicator Controls for: Time / Feedback / Echo 1/4" jack input and output 9V DC power supply required (not included) or 9V battery with a...
£35.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Joyo JF-33 Analog Delay Fx Pedal

Rocktronic JF-33 Analog Delay  Get that mild and mellow circuit delay. This is a favorably priced way to get those great tones. True bypass design. DIMENSIONS:118*62*56mm Weight:0.24KG...
£35.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Joyo Jf-08 Digital Delay Fx Pedal

Rocktronic JF-8 Digital Delay •Digital Delay pedal features a special filter circuit to closely reproduce the sounds of analog delay •Delay time range: 25ms-600ms. •True bypass design minimizes tone loss. •Aluminum alloy casing with stoving varnish finish. •Dimension...
£33.33 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Mooer Reecho Pro Digital Delay Twin Pedal

The Mooer Audio Reecho Pro takes the hugely popular Reecho to the next level. Floating point DSP chips and a new improved algorithm adds for a warmer sound with more depth and responsiveness than ever before. Mooer Audio have included a tap tempo function that means your delay will always be in time...
£99.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Fender Mirror Image Delay Pedal

There’s no denying the power of a good delay; ranging from subtle to smashing, this ambient effect is one of the cornerstones of modern music. The Mirror Image Delay brings this atmospheric effect to your rig, giving you the ability to create depth with a simple slapback or develop an epic sou...
£86.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Joyo D-Seed Digital Delay Pedal

A Dual Channel Digital-Delay. The initials DCD sound like D-SEED, there you go Amazing digital delay with a full range of practical functions, D-SEED is a need for guitarists!   &n...
£61.49 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Mooer Micro Series Reecho Digital Delay Pedal

Mooer Audio micro effect pedals pack an incredibly BIG sound into a very small package. Our Reecho digital delay pedal has three working modes. Analog simulates a warm and smooth analog echo, Real Echo simulates a natural echo, and Tape Echo simulates the sweet and spacey echo sound from a vintage t...
£59.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Mooer Ana Echo Analog Delay Pedal

Full analog circuit, warm, clear, smooth analog delay sound Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Requires DC 9V Adapter power supply ...
£53.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

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