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Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar System

 Line 6 Digital Wireless for Guitars & Basses Normally with wireless systems you need to plug them in, tune them up to the right frequency and hope that the encryption has worked and you are set up. With the G10 you plug in....and that is it. Really that is all you need to do. Using automat...
£144.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Db Technologies, Pu910 P 16ch Uhf Diversity Pocket Pack,

The use of digital control and UHF frequencies offer professional performers the ultimate wireless microphone systems. Combine this with the unique size of the PU 910 transmitters and you have a winning combination. Complete with a lavalier (tieclip) mic.  Headmic available at extra cost. Supp...
£99.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Shure GLXD16 Digital Guitar Wireless System

2.4 GHz For Interference Free Use Worldwide

Shre GLX16D Pedal Board Wireless receiver & Transmitter wireless system. Digital - Interference Free Built like a tank - Ultimate Reliability Shure Quality - Ultimate Tone...
£400.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Line 6 Relay G50 Guitar Wireless System

The Line 6 Relay G50 redefines the wireless experience for guitarists and bassists. The Line-6 G-50 delivers wired tone, uncompromising dependability, and refreshingly simple operation like no other wireless system can. The Relay G50 digital wireless system produces full-range tones with 10Hz-20...
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Line 6 Relay G10T Wireless Guitar Transmitter For Line 6 Amps

Compatible with selected Spider V Series guitar amps (60watt models and higher), the G10T seamlessly adds wireless capability to your guitar. Plug the G10T into your guitar's standard jack socket for cable-like uncompressed tone - or plug it into the Spider V's jack socket to recharge it.  Wire...
£84.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

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