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Chord Bass Drum Pedal Single KP11

KP11 KICK DRUM PEDALHeavy duty kick drum pedal with KPB1 beater. Cast pedal and frame with rolled steel and rubber base and adjustable rim grip. Dual chain drive mechanism has adjustable spring tension, beater angle and stem length.Supplied with KPB1 beater and drum keyHeavy duty constructionFully a...
£44.99 Available Stock: 15 BUY

Mapex Tornado P200-TND Single Bass Drum Pedal

The Mapex Tornado 200 bass pedal is an ideal all rounder practice pedal. At a very affordable price, the Tornado pedal is chain driven for long durability and has a quality felt beater....
£22.99 Available Stock: 6 BUY

Pearl P 890 Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl P-890 Bass Drum Pedal The Pearl P-890 Power Pro Drum Pedal delivers a fast response and versatile for all ganres of music. The Pearl P890 will give you much more control so you can focus on your performance. ...
£54.99 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Chord Dual Bass Drum Pedal KP22

KP22 DOUBLE KICK DRUM PEDAL SET Set of 2 chain-drive kick drum pedals, supplied with 2 x KPB1 beaters and adjustable link bar. The pedals can be used independently on 2 kick drums or on a single kick drum, since one of the pedals has dual beater holders, which can be driven via the link bar from the...
£109.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Mapex Storm P400TW Double Bass Drum Pedal

LESS MASS, MORE POWER!The new P400 twin pedal sneaks some innovative features past the price Police to give you more performance for your pennies! The first of the two main enhancements is the re-designed footplate. On the surface this may just look like a new styling but it serves a very impor...
£107.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Mapex Armory P800 Single Bass Drum Pedal

Armory Single Bass Drum PedalArmory is a complete line of gig-quality hardware featuring heavy-duty tubes, double-braced legs, memory locks, and the adjustability needed by the serious player. To suit each drummer's unique style and kit finish, Armory Hardware comes in chrome, black-plated, or a uni...
£94.99 Available Stock: 1 BUY
£49.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Stagg Drum Beater DPR500-PB616

Stagg drum beater with 2 playing surfaces, one is a soft rubber, the other hard plastic. Fits in standard bass drum pedals....
£8.99 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Drum Tech Bass Drum Beater

Drum Tech Bass Drum Beater. Fits all standard bass drum pedals....
£6.14 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Impact P-6G Bass Drum Pedal

Bass drum pedal for acoustic or electronic drum kits. Totally universal, this pedal replaces the ones in Alesis / Session Pro / Impact electronic drum kits and many more, plus it works with any acoustic drum kit....
£25.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

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