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Iconnectivity Connect Audio 2/4 Interface

Whether you're a guitarist, singer-songwriter, electronic musician, producer, or DJ, this studio-quality interface handles everything you can throw at it - just connect your mics, instruments, synths, and MIDI gear, and start creating. It's fast and easy to use - you control all its features directl...
£149.97 Available Stock: 3 BUY

Procast SST USB Microphone / Audio Interface

There are many inexpensive options for recording podcasts that are available today, but what about the professional podcaster? Introducing Procast Studio Station by Miktek. The ProCast SST is a high quality USB studio condenser microphone with integrated radio style boom and on-board 24 Bit audio in...
£299.99 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Citronic XU60 XLR-USB Adaptor

XLR to USB Adaptor Interface A barrel adaptor with an XLRF at one end and a USB type A plug at the other. Converts a balanced microphone input to digital audio format for use with PC recording software. Plug-and-play solution Up to 48kHz A/D conversion USB bus powered Compatible with Windows 2000/X...
£9.99 Available Stock: 12 BUY

Atlas Sound Tsd-Txhl Digital Converter

The TSD-TXHL is a high to low level converter designed to interface with 4Ω/25/70/100V distributed loudspeaker lines. An unbalanced line level output is provided to drive remote amplifiers or other devices. The TSD-TXHL allows easy expansion of zones without the need for dedicated wiring to re...
£65.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Miktek Active Di Box

* 1⁄4” input for the a music instrument's audio signal* 1⁄4” thru for linking the audio signal to an amplifier/recorder* Balanced XLR output to send audio signal to main mixer* PAD switch for input signal attenuator* COMBINE switch for summed/combined up the input and thru si...
£39.99 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Band Lab Link Analog Audio Interface For PC, Mac, Ios & Android

Introducing the BandLab Link Analog, ‘the future of music is truly mobile’. In an ever connected world there are more ways than ever to create and be creative as a musician. The BandLab Link Analog brings a whole new level of quality to your music making. BandLab is a company made up of ...
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