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Qtx Premium Smoke Fluid Clear 5Litre

This high performance smoke fluid has been specially formulated to produce a dense cloud which is long lasting. Designed to produce best results when used in smoke machines with a power rating between 1000 - 3000W giving ultra high performance while leaving no residue from this non-toxic, water ba...
£17.99 Available Stock: 18 BUY

Qtx Standard Smoke Fluid 5 Litre

Universal fog fluid for smoke machines. Medium smoke. ...
£14.99 Available Stock: 12 BUY

Qtx Vapour Blast Smoke Fluid 5 Litre

Smoke fluid for Vapour Bast smoke machines. 5 litre (approx 1.1 gallon) ...
£19.99 Available Stock: 9 BUY

QTX Bubble Fluid 5Litre

Bubble Fluid 5 Litres A water based liquid formulated for use with all makes of bubble machine. This solution produces lightweight bubbles that are longer lasting compared to other standard fluids available on the market. Non-toxic solution Leaves no oily residue ...
£15.99 Available Stock: 5 BUY

Qtx High Quality Smoke Fluid 5 Litre Pink 160.583

HIGH QUALITY FOG FLUID High quality fog fluid with high density and good stability. Ideal for use with all makes of fog machines with power rating between 1000 - 5000W giving the best performance while leaving no residue from this non-toxic, water based fluid. High performance with dense e...
£19.99 Available Stock: 2 BUY

QTX High Quality Haze Fluid 5 Litre

High quality haze fluid for use with all haze machines. Leaves no residue, suitable for all manufacturers of haze machines. ...
£19.99 Available Stock: 3 BUY

Qtx Fog Machine Cleaner

FOG MACHINE CLEANING FLUID 250mlSpecially formulated liquid designed to clean the internal workings of a fog machine reducing blocking and wear and tear resulting in your fog machine having a longer life span.Reduces blockagesKeeps your fog machine performing consistentlyNon-toxic, water basedConten...
£3.49 Available Stock: 4 BUY

Prolight Fog Fluid ( Aqua Haze)

Haze fluid suitable for all haze machines....
£15.38 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Qtx High Grade Smoke / Fog Fluid 5 Litre

High grade smoke fluid specially formulated to give a longer lasting effect compared to standard smoke fluid. Designed for use for all makes of smoke/fog machine up to 900W giving high performance while leaving no residue from this non-toxic, water based fluid. ...
£17.50 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Prolight Fog Fluid (Medium Smoke)

Dense fog / smoke fluid for heavy duty fogging....
£17.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

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