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Lamp, Gkv 600w 230v

GE Lighting GKV lamp - HX600, G 9.5, 3200K, 600W/230V, 250h....
£20.49 Available Stock: 19 BUY

Lamp, Cp87 240v 500w Par64 Nsp

Par64 500w, 240v lamp Narrow Spot (NSP)....
£30.70 Available Stock: 7 BUY

Prolight Xenpow Nsd250 (Msd250)

Colour Temp.: 8000 Type: NSD Voltage: 94v Watt: 250W Lifetime/H: 2000 Socket: GY9.5...
£167.50 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Lamp, Msr1200

1200w MSR1200 gas discharge lamp. ...
£128.13 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Lamp, Hti150 (Nsd150t) Osram

Genuine Osram HTI 150 halogen lamp - 100V, 750h, GY 9.5 socket, 6900°k.Last One!...
£118.13 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Lamp, Hpl575 Halogen For Multipar And Etc Lamps

HPL575 lamp for Multipar lamps. 240v 300W. ...
£23.06 Available Stock: 4 BUY

Lamp Blacklight Uv U.V.Large Es 400w Mercury

Mercury discharge 400 watt ultra-violet lamp for UV cannons. ES fitting. 240v 400w...
£29.99 Available Stock: 11 BUY

Lamp, A1/239 36v 400w Hlx 64663

Lamp, A1/239 36v 400w ...
£14.45 Available Stock: 5 BUY

Lamp, Cp61 240v 1000w Par64 Narrow Spot

240v 1000w mogul prong lamp for Par64 cans. Narrow Spot (NSP) CP61 model, normally GE manufacture....
£30.75 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Kam Moonbulb Duo X2

Kam Moonbuld Duo Pair   Stunning LED disco effects from a plug&play rotating bulbFill the room with coloured points and beams!RGB moving beam effects / white beam effectTurn your standard lamp fitting into a rotating, multicolour disco effect!Turn on once for colour, turn off and then on again ...
£10.00 Available Stock: 5 BUY

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