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Adj Focus Spot 1 One

• High Output LED Moving Head Wash • 1x 35W LED and 1x 3W UV LED • 16-degree beam angle • Motorized Focus • 3 Operational Modes: Sound Active,     Show Mode, & DMX Controlled • 4 Built-in lighting shows • 15 & 17 DMX channel modes • 8 Co...
£445.00 Available Stock: 3 BUY

ADJ Startec Rayzer

The Startec Rayzer offers two party effects in one fixture. It has red, green and blue lasers that create exciting arial effects when used with fog or haze. It also has a cluster of RGB (3-IN-1) SMD LEDs for an intense, saturated color wash and eye-popping rainbow color rings.  The Rayzer is l...
£169.00 Available Stock: 6 BUY

Chauvet Gigbar 2.0

The Chauvet Gig Bar is ideal for the performer who needs a lot of effects with the minimum of set up and ease of control! You can fill even large venues with this amazing light! 4-in-1 light that includes a pair of LED Derby, LED pars, a laser, and strobe effect all mounted on one bar Added U...
£379.00 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Chauvet Trusst DJ QT Arch

Arch Kit is a lightweight 35 mm triangular truss providing the perfect location to hang lights and other DJ equipment for a professional presentation. It assembles in minutes using numbered sections and can hold 660lbs (300kg) evenly distributed.   Features • Portable arch truss system des...
£728.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

QTX Haze Machine HZ-3 700W

qtx HZ-3 700W HAZE MACHINEThe HZ-3 haze machine features a range of upgrades to ensure it remains the top haze machine in its class. An improved 700W heater ensures all fluid is vaporised quickly as well as decreasing the warm up time. The LED digital display allows for stand alone operation whilst ...
£309.00 Available Stock: 3 BUY

Skytec, Duralight Clear 1m

Duralight tubelighting is a 240 volt ropelight that can be cut to length in units of 1metre. The tubelight is marked at 1m intervals and must be cust with a sharp knife. The free end must be terminated with an insulated end cap and glued on with the special glue. The other end requires a skytec ...
£5.13 Available Stock: 108 BUY

Abstract Digitube Led Digital Ceiling Tubes 180

The DigiTube's are a colourful matrix of individually controllable RGB LED’s for high resolution visual effects. With simple carabiner clip mounting, the DigiTube's can be easily arranged into any configuration. Take control of your DigiTube's with our DigiDrive’s show mode to enable the...
£549.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

QTX Full Colour Laser Fractal Rgb

RGB effects laser with multi-point and spiral patterns to produce colourful rotating spiral images. Selectable auto sequence or sound-activated operation with adjustable microphone sensitivity give... Auto or sound activated operation RGB laser colours 8 different geometric patterns ...
£179.99 Available Stock: 11 BUY

Chauvet Motion Drape Led Star Cloth

Stunning Backdrop Effect The Chauvet MotionDrape LED is a backdrop for any mobile performer. 176 tri-color SMD LEDs matrixed across the 6.5ft-by-9.8ft backdrop can be controlled via the included controller or via DMX. This impressive display has 30 animated effects that range from colour fades to a ...
£529.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

ADJ Fog Fury Jett Vertical Smoke Machine with RGBA Led's

The ADJ Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity vertical Fog Machine that mixes colour into the fog from 12x 3-Watt RGBA LEDs.  With new advances in ADJ’s heater technology, the Fog Fury Jett produces a dry even blast of fog over 25 feet (7 meters) in the air. It has a special heating element de...
£255.00 Available Stock: 2 BUY

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