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Klotz M5 5m High End Xlr-xlr

Klotz M5, Superior quality microphone Lead, Get the best sound out of your microphone....
£39.99 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Beyerdynamic, Shm122 Gooseneck Lectern Mic

Beyer SHM122 Lectern Mic. New Old stock Easy mounting to lectern with included adaptor Easily wired to an XLR, balanced output Attached cable approx 2m long Dynamic 12" long gooseneck Black finish ...
£25.00 Available Stock: 3 BUY

Chord Drum Mic Clamp

CURVED MICROPHONE CLAMP BRACKET Clamp bracket for attaching to microphone stands, musical instruments or percussion head rims with a bracket with 5/8" threaded stud which accepts a microphone clip. Attaches to mic stands, instruments and drum head rims Curved to allow various microphone angles ...
£8.00 Available Stock: 9 BUY

Electrovoice PL37 Overhead Condenser Mic

Electrovoice PL37 Overhead Condenser Microphone. Recommended by Electrovoice as an overhead for drum kits, this microphone is a great vocal mic for distance work. It's got great distance pickup and is suitable for school plays, choral and vocal groups as well as being a great general-purpose mic. Re...
£69.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Qtx DM12 Dynamic Microphone

QTX DM12 DYNAMIC MICROPHONE Handheld dynamic microphone with a durable plastic body and steel mesh windshield. Response is tailored for vocal reproduction for PA or recording applications. •On/off slide switch •Supplied with XLR to jack lead ...
£8.49 Available Stock: 8 BUY

Stagg SM58 Mic Replacement Screen SPA-M58H

Stagg SPA-M58H Mic Replacement Screen      Replacement mesh grille for microphone with spherical heads such as the Shure SM58  ...
£5.99 Available Stock: 11 BUY
£31.00 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Proel HCM23AK Headset Condenser Mic Beige with Mini 3-Pin Xlr

Very small size and super light-weight flexible miniature microphone. 5 mm permanently polarized condenser capsule. Omni-directional polar pattern. Double vent protection system for use in theatre and spoken word applications. Comfortable and secure fit with fixed bi-aural headband. Anti-pop screen...
£30.00 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Stagg SDM70 Dynamic Microphone

Stagg SDM70 Handheld Microphone The Stagg SDM70 is a professional multipurpose cardioid dynamic microphone with cartridge DC18. Perfect for any situation, the Stagg SDM70 is a versatile, low cost, high quality mic....
£29.99 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Citronic Neodymium Microphone

A high output dynamic vocal microphone with sliding lockable switch. Built around a neodymium magnet capsule for excellent sensitivity and feedback rejection. High output neodymium magnet capsule Rugged construction for reliable stage use Superior sensitivity and feedback rejection ...
£29.99 Available Stock: 3 BUY

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