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Aulos 205a Descant Deluxe Recorder

The All Time Best Seller. Complete with yellow corduroy Bag, instructions and cleaning rod, this three piece Recorder is ideal for classroom ensemble playing, and is the most popular recorder for beginners at school. Includes easy tunes to play on the recorder. Made in Japan...
£16.42 Available Stock: 18 BUY

Aulos 211a Tenor Recorder

Aulos 211 Tenor Recorder. The Aulos 211 Tenor Recorder is a wonderful 3-piece keyless recorder. The Slimline shape is ideal for smaller hands as the finger holes are smaller and less widely spaced than other tenors. The slightly smaller mouthpiece will be more comfortable for some players than tradi...
£59.99 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Aulos 303 Descant Recorder

The Aulos 303 Descant Recorder is a beautifully designed three piece recorder. Popular with schools, this wonderful recorder includes an amazing design which makes the instrument easy to play. This recorder comes in a dark brown finish. Ideal for lessons, practice and live performances, the Aulos 30...
£7.99 Available Stock: 3 BUY

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