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Elixir Nanoweb Electric Strings 9-42 12002

Lasts 3-5 x longer than normal strings Elixir Nanoweb light Electric Guitar Strings Gauge Medium 0.009"-0.042" Suited for E standard, half-step down tuning on a 25.5 scale guitar Elixir strings last 3-5 x longer than ordinary strings without compromising tone. This means that you buy fever sets...
£11.99 or from £10.79 Available Stock: 19 BUY
Goldbrokat Violin Strings, 1/2 Size Goldbrokat Violin Strings, 4/4 Size !
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Goldbrokat Violin Strings

Lenzner Goldbrokat violin strings, 4/4 size...
options from £14.99 Available
Shown: 1/2 Size,

Fender Strings 880cl 80/20 Bronze Coated 11-52 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Super Long Life Acoustic Guitar Strings Fender 880 L Duratone Coated strings, 11-52. These strings are coated for a longer life, and are made for Fender by D'Addario, but sell for a fraction of the price of the EXPs. Grab a bargain, and get longer lasting tone. ...
£9.99 Available Stock: 22 BUY

Deacon Hotwires 9-46 Electric Guitar Strings Eg946

Deacon Hotwires Electric Guitar strings 9-46 EG946 Nickel wound Made in the USA. Gauges 9, 11, 16, 26, 36, 46 These guitar strings are made by a famous name string manufacturer so secret we can't tell you. Our buying group has done a deal with this brand name string manufacturer and has b...
£4.99 Available Stock: 41 BUY

Deacon Hotwires 45-130 5 String Bass Strings Bg455

Deacon Hotwires '5 String' Bass strings 45-130 BG455 Nickel Plated Made in the USA. Gauges 45, 65, 85, 105, 130 These bass strings are made by a famous name string manufacturer so secret we can't tell you. Our buying group has done a deal with this brand name string manufacturer and has b...
£14.99 Available Stock: 11 BUY

Fender Strings 880L 80/20 Bronze Coated 12-52

Made by D'Addario Fender 880L Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings for Longer Life and Excellent Tone Fender Dura-tone Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings Original equipment used on Fender guitars For Acoustic Guitars Gauges 12-52 ...
£9.99 or from £8.59 Available Stock: 15 BUY

Fender - Strings 880xl Dura-tone Coated 10-48 Acoustic Set

Fender Dura-Tone strings are made with a specially applied micro-treatment that resists tone-killing grime and corrosion. The result is a string that lasts up to five times longer while retaining natural feel and clear, full tone....
£9.99 Available Stock: 13 BUY

Fender Strings 3250R Super Bullets 10-46

Fender Bullet Electric guitar strings, gauges 10-46. Bullet end for Strats....
£6.99 Available Stock: 18 BUY

Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze 12-56 Med/Light 16077

Many players prefer the rich, textured tone of phosphor bronze strings. These Elixir Strings capture the sweet spot of that unique phosphor bronze tone and extend it 3-5x longer than conventional strings. ...
£16.95 or from £14.58 Available Stock: 7 BUY

Deacon Hotwires 11-52 Acoustic Guitar Strings Ag11 80/20 Bronze

Deacon Hotwires Acoustic Guitar strings 11-52 AG11 80/20 Bronze Made in the USA. Gauges 11, 15, 22, 32, 42, 52 These guitar strings are made by a famous name string manufacturer so secret we can't tell you. Our buying group has done a deal with this brand name string manufacturer and has ...
£4.99 Available Stock: 22 BUY

A little about HW AUDIO PA, DJ & Lighting & HW MUSIC, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Basses, Drums, Percussion & General Musical Instrument Departments.

We are retail music stores in the North West of England, based in Preston, Lancashire and Bolton, Greater Manchester. We are 20-30 minutes away from Manchester, Bury, Wigan, Atherton, Leigh, Sale, Salford, Oldham and Stockport. Parking is free in our own 12 space car park.

PA & DJ Equipment

We have been selling PA equipment and DJ gear for nearly 40 years and have been selling guitars in Bolton for over 30 years and the store in Preston has been a guitar shop for 30 years. Our PA department is without question, the largest PA department of any store in the UK. We sell all the leading brands: Electrovoice (EV) (both speakers – active and passive) , amplifiers and microphones. In fact we have been selling EV for over 35 years, along with JBL and Shure. We are Shure main dealers; one of only a handful in the UK. We only sell quality PA gear. This is for many reasons, but mainly because we stand by everything we sell, and it’s very important that gear (especially expensive PA gear) lasts and doesn’t let you down. Many of our customers are professionals and reliability is paramount. We offer a repair service, and in many cases can lend or hire a replacement piece of kit to get you through a gig.

We are probably the largest retailer of Dynacord in the UK. We have been selling Dynacord Powermates for around 15 years and have sold around 1,500 of them in that period. The Powermate is the industry standard powered mixer, and even the shift to active speakers hasn’t diminished their popularity. Of course for people with active speakers there is a Dynacord CMS mixer with all the main features. For us there is a bit cross-over between singers and DJs. After all, many of our customers are entertainers who do both singing, maybe karaoke and DJ-ing and require the sound and lighting equipment to do a full show. To this end we stock and have on demonstration in our lighting showroom (which is approx. 10m square) lighting from Chauvet and American DJ, plus QTX and Kam, with lasers from Laserworld. So please visit us at our showrooms in Bolton, where we offer internet prices with knowledge, advice and class-leading service.


Our guitar stores in Bolton and Preston offer everything a guitarist could possibly need. We sell both new and secondhand guitars, basses and amplification. We sell new Fender, PRS, Yamaha & Martin guitars, both electric, electro acoustic and pure acoustic guitars and people travel sometimes hundreds of miles to see us (our record is a customer from South Africa, who came specifically to see us. He wasn’t disappointed!) Our Preston guitar store has a large range of Schecter guitars, plus Blackstar guitar amps. We are Fender American Standard dealers, which also means that we stock in depth both the Fender American series guitars, and the Fender Mexican guitars, but also Fender Squiers, in both Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazz Bass and Precision bass variants. We also stock a massive range of Fender accessories, such as leads and tuners, plus those extra guitarists’ necessities which are ideal for birthday presents or Christmas gifts.

Drums, Cymbals & Other Percussion

We have a great selection of drums and other percussion and accessories like drumsticks, drumheads and drum hardware. Main brands of drums that we stock are Yamaha & Pearl drum sets and we stock the worlds’ best cymbals: Turkish Cymbals, hand made in Istanbul Turkey. We also sell cajons, shakers, bodhrans, glockenspiels, xylophones and other melodic percussion and are agents for Percussion Plus ranges of educational percussion. See our dedicated websites for educational supplies: www.rockinschools.co.uk So if it’s a Yamaha Masters or Gigmaker drum kit or a Pearl Forum kit, or a Sonix or Impact starter drum kit, you will find it here at HW Music. We can also teach you to play drums with our dedicated drum teacher, Dave Howarth who operates his drum teaching business from our spacious studios in St, Georges Road.

Keyboards & Pianos

At HW Bolton or HW Preston you will find a great selection of electronic keyboards and digital pianos on display, plus piano stools, benches and stands. HW Music are main dealers for the Casio Celviano & Casio Privia digital pianos which offer the best value digital pianos on the market. So, if you are looking for a piano or electronic keyboard, look no further than HW Music.


In both our Preston and Bolton music stores, we stock Line6 guitar amplifiers, Line 6 effects and Line6 PA, especially the Line 6 Radio microphones. Line 6 are a world leader in modelling amplification and offer PA mixers, speakers, microphones (both tie clip or lavalier microphones and hand held radiomics).

We strive to offer the lowest price on anything that we stock and also we give the best advice on PA systems, DJ gear, DJ lighting, Guitars, basses and other musical instruments.

Education Department

HW Audio is also a major supplier of educational music. If you represent a school, college or other educational establishment like a childrens’ nursery or University, we can supply you on receipt of an official order.

We supply a huge amount of classical ¾ and ½ size guitars to schools, as well as violins, cellos and we have made a specialisation of supplying guitars, drums and bass guitars to schools who operate the Musical Futures scheme.


HW Audio is a proud member of the MIA. The MIA is the trade body of the musical instrument industry, and works together with Government in order to promote musical education in schools. We are also an international member of the organisation, NAMM. NAMM is the US version of the MIA and which organises the twice-yearly NAMM show in the United States.

HW Audio is also a member of the FSB: the Federation for Small Businesses, and also a member of Euromusic, the largest buying group for musical instruments in the UK.

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