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Joyo Ironman JF-325 Molo-Trem Tremolo Fx Pedal

The Molo-Trem has landed!!! From subtle throbs to all out stutters, this tremolo can cover almost any sound you're after. From an excellent triangle wave tremolo to a stuttering square wave tremolo and anything inbetween! If you like tremolo then you'll love the Molo-Trem. If you're thinking about e...
£49.99 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Mooer Trelicopter Optical Tremolo

The Mooer Trelicopter is a tiny but powerful optical tremolo! There's even a bias control that lets you alter the shape of the tremolo to create a non-symmetrical wave just like a vintage valve amp! Control over speed and depth too allow you to tailor your sound even further, whether you want sublim...
£45.00 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Joyo Jf-09 Tremolo Fx Pedal

Rocktronic JF-9 Tremolo pedal. This is the tremolo of the beloved classic tube amplifiers, using the same photoelectric tube circuitry as the trem in those amps of old. Intensity and Rate knobs make it easy to adjust the tone and vibe and the tremolo pedal is solid and road ready like a guitar s...
£33.33 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal

Boss TR 2 Tremolo Pedal Reproduces the classic tremolo effects of vintage '60s amps using a Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO). LFO waveform variable from triangle to square for producing a variety of classic tones. TR2 Features: Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu Input Impedance: 1 M ohms N...
£89.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

Mooer Spark Tremolo Pedal

Classic optical tremolo sound with a wide range of speeds and depths : BIAS knob delivers a broad palette of tremolo sounds Compact size, full metal case, a special surface treating technology, offering long durability Attractive lighting design Requires DC 9V Adapter power supply ...
£45.00 Available Stock: 0 BUY

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