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Joyo Jf-10 Dynamic Compressor Fx Pedal

Rocktronic JF-10 Dynamic Compressor pedal. A re-creation of the classic compressor pedal, with very low noise. Use the Sustain, Attack, and Level knobs to find your guitar tone. Tweak the Attack to boost your bottom end and level off high-output pickups. •Sustain, Attack and Level Guitar...
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Jim Dunlop MXR Dyna Comp M102

MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compressor The Dyna Comp is the compressor that lets you set a maximum output level and the sensitivity at which it kicks in. This device can produce that percussive, clicky sound on a clean guitar that you've heard on so many pop hits. It can also even out the volume of sustained...
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Mooer Yellow Comp Optical Compressor

Product Features Classic optical compressing sound with smooth attack and decay. Furthermore, it preserves the original signal transients perfectly 2 Working Modes: Normal/Treble Normal: Normal sustain of low noise, long sustain is obtained Treble: Sustain of high frequency is emphasized Full metal...
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