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Elixir Optiweb Guitar Strings Custom Light 9-46

Elixir Optiweb Guitar Strings Custom Light 9-46 Suited for E standard, Drop D, half-step down, Drop C# tuning on a 25.5 scale guitar Ever since pioneering coated string technology back in the '90s, Elixir Strings has continually evolved its products to meet the needs and expectations of guitar playe...
£11.95 or from £10.28 Available Stock: 15 BUY

D'addario EXL110-B25 XL Nickel Wound Regular Light (.010-.046) Electric Guitar Strings 25-Set Bu

Bulk Package of 25 D'addario EXL110. Great choice for a touring musician....
£122.27 or from £105.15 Available Stock: 1 BUY

Rotosound Jumbo King 10 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic 12 String Jk30el

Rotosound Jumbo King Phosphor Bronze guitar strings suitable for 12 string acoustic guitars. Gauges 10-48....
£9.99 Available Stock: 11 BUY

Rotosound Superia Nylon Strings Cl4 Black And Silver Normal Tension

Grade 1 ?Black n? Silver? classical guitar strings are manufactured to a high tension characteristic specifically designed for fingerstyle playing. The wound strings are Silver Plated Copper on a Nylon Core and the plain strings are high quality rectified Black Nylon....
£5.99 Available Stock: 16 BUY

Elixir Nanoweb Electric Strings 9-46 Custom Light 12027

Nanoweb coating permits electric guitar strings with the feel, bright tone, and punch of traditional strings. Elixirs are the first major innovation in guitar strings in over forty years, and they deliver what they promise: great tone and long life no matter what you put them on or how often you pla...
£10.99 Available Stock: 7 BUY

Rotosound Jazz Bass 77 40-90 Rs77m Flatwound Strings Medium

Highly praised by Bass Player Magazine as their favourite flatwound string. Unique materials produce a unique tone. Medium scale suitable for Hofner Viloin Bass. Gauges 40, 50, 75, 90...
£31.00 Available Stock: 2 BUY

Rotosound Roto Orange Electric Guitar Strings 9-46 Hybrid

Rotosound strings are handmade in Great Britain using the finest materials available. Used by leading players worldwide for over 40 years. Suited for E standard, Drop D, half-step down, Drop C# tuning on a 25.5 scale guitar Roto Orange -Hybrid gauge (light top, heavy bottom) 9 11 16 26w 36w 46w...
£5.99 Available Stock: 9 BUY

Ernie Ball .009 Plain Single String

Ernie Ball Plain Single String. 0.009 gauge. Ball end guitar string. Made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel. Used on electric and acoustic guitars. Ernie Ball revolutionized the market by offering guitarists Custom-Gauge single strings....
£0.95 Available Stock: 55 BUY

Fender 880CL-12 Coated 80/20 Bronze 12-String Acoustic Strings - Custom Light

Fender Dura-Tone acoustic guitar strings are made with a specially applied micro-treatment that resists tone-killing grime and corrosion.Gauges: E: 10-10, B: 14-14, G: 22-08, D: 30-12, A: 40-18, Low E: 50-26w....
£12.99 Available Stock: 4 BUY

TGI Light Bass Guitar Strings 40 - 95 TGBGS40

These extra light strings are a really great set of strings for an affordable price and do their job well! Nickel Alloy wound...
£9.99 Available Stock: 5 BUY

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