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Repairs, Servicing & Maintenance

At HW Audio we know that keeping your gear working is important to you and in order to help you we have a service department which spans all of our divisions. We offer in store and off-site repairs and are able to repair most of the equipment we sell ourselves, without having to send equipment back to the distributors’ service department.

Repairs Services offered:

Guitars, basses and stringed instruments & the HW Custom Shop

Guitars & Basses

Restrings, pickup changes, wiring problems, strap button fixing, sockets, machine head changes, intonation and action adjustment. We can also arrange refrets, reprofiles, neck break repairs and resprays, plus LED inlays from our Csutom Shop department.

Brass & Woodwind

Dent repairs, valve extraction, re corking, new pads, leaks on woodwind keys, adjustment and regulation.

Guitar Amplifiers

Valve testing & matching, replacement speakers, valve amp re-biasing, general amp repairs.

PA Speakers

New speakers and tweeters (large range of replacements kept in stock), repairs to crossovers. Repair to active speaker amplifiers. We specialise in EV, Dynacord, Wharfedale and Peavey speakers.

PA Amplifiers & Mixers

Repair of PA amplifiers. We specialise in full rebuilds of Dynacord Powermates; it’s rare to find them uneconomic to repair. We also repair mixers, both PA and DJ.


New lamps, sockets, board exchanges, rewires to theatre lamps. Keyboards New keys, sockets. More extensive work will require return to manufacturer. Note: Some of the cheaper brands of gear may not be economical to repair, or have poor spares availability. If this is the case we will let you know. We try to have gear repaired within 2 weeks, but due to a number of factors this may not be possible. We don’t offer a hire service, but customers who have warranty repairs and an urgent need for a gig will, on request, be lent something from our used stock where appropriate, subject to availability.

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