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Yamaha MG06 X Mixer With SPX Effects - Image 1 Yamaha MG06 X Mixer With SPX Effects- Image 1 Yamaha MG06 X Mixer With SPX Effects- Image 2 Yamaha MG06 X Mixer With SPX Effects- Image 3 Yamaha MG06 X Mixer With SPX Effects- Image 4
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Yamaha MG06 X Mixer With SPX Effects

Yamaha MG06X Mixer with Effects

The MG06x was launched at the NAMM show in LA and is the latest version of the incredibly popular Yamaha range of mixers.

The MG06X is aimed at the person who wants a small mixer with Yamaha's quality and reliability.

To this end, although costs have been saved by using rotary volume controls, no saving has been made in quality. The Yamaha MG "X" series features the classic SPX effects which made Yamaha's name for effects in the last 30 years.

There are 2 mic/line inputs featuring genuine Neutrik Combo sockets, which allow either a jack or an XLR to be connected, and a 26db pad for reducing excessive signals. There is a high pass filter which can be switched in to reduce low frequency rumble or excessive bass.

There is a gain control, plus a treble and bass control, the bass operates at 100Hz and the treble at 10kHz, giving deep bass thump and sparkling highs.

To save on a, let's face it, hardly used pan control, there is a mono/ stereo switch allowing ch 1 and channel 2 to be left and right, or just standard mono channels in their own right. There are also 2 stereo channels with no eq, just gain controls.

Users of phantom powered kit can switch phantom to channels 1 and 2.

SPX effects are selected as either reverb or delay. 

Settings are

Hall, Room, Plate Reverb

Short, Medium, Vocal Echo


There is a balanced output on XLR, a jack output and a headphone output, all of which are controlled by level controls.

Add to this a 7-segment output level VU meter and you have the complete package!

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