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Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitor, Each, White, Install Version - Image 1 Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitor, Each, White, Install Version- Image 1
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Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitor, Each, White, Install Version

Yamaha HS7 Single

This second generation of ‘HS’ nearfield reference monitors, like their predecessors, share the same design philosophy as the legendary NS-10M studio monitors. Providing accurate signal reproduction and superior sonic performance, the new HS Series consist of 3 new models

– HS5, HS7 & HS8 – which employ a new, highly efficient tweeter providing an extended high frequency range up to 30kHz. The matching HS8S 150W powered subwoofer provides an extend bass when a well-defined bottom end is required.

What Makes them great?
A low resonance enclosure built using a three-way mitre-joint technique ensures that the corners of the speaker are firmly anchored leading to dramatically improved durability and the elimination of unwanted resonances that can colour the original sound. Yamaha’s ‘Vortex Sound Control’ technology is deployed to decrease unwanted airflows around the speaker ports. This in turn reduces audible noise by up to 6dB.
Yamaha HS7 Single Spec:
This speaker is a 2-way bass-reflew bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor with 6.5” cone woofer and 1” dome tweeter
• 43Hz - 30kHz frequency response
• 60W LF plus 35W HF bi-amped system (95W total)
• ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM response controls
• XLR and TRS phone jack inputs - balanced or unbalanced

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