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Yamaha EAD10

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Yamaha EAD10. The most amazing thing for drummers since the drumskin!

Yes it's a big claim, but the EAD10 is simply amazing. We have only just scratched the surface of what this amazing unit does, but in a nutshell here's what you get, and what it does.

You get in the pack, a sensor, a control unit, a power supply and 2 leads, plus a mount for the control panel.

The sensor clamps onto the rear of the bass drum (the playing side) and 2 supplied wires marked A and B plug in. These go to corresponding sockets on the control unit. If you get them the wrong way round it will sound awful (that's what we did in the rush to get things set up!)

You then connect the output to a PA system, or for home practice, a pair of headphones is all you need.

Power up and start playing.

The sensors pick up the sound from the drums (there is a trigger for the bass drum) and two microphones for the rest of the drums. All enclosed in a small unit not 3" x 3".

They really work well!  

Select the "scene" that you want. Program 1 starts with "Arena" and goes through special effects and various rock sounds. You can get that live sound you always wanted, whether it's Stewart Copeland on Police's "Walking on the Monn" with the built in delay, or Phil Collins' massive sound on "In the Air Tonight"; they are all in there.

There's phasing, flanging, delay and reverb, plus compressors and gates.

There's a footswitch socket and extra inputs for more drum triggers. The footswitch can trigger alternative sounds or control specific functions.

So, in short you can mic your drum kit for live or recording use simply and easily with the EAD10

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