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D'addario EXP45 Coated Classical Strings, Normal Tension - Image 1

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D'addario EXP45 Coated Classical Strings, Normal Tension

D'addario EXP45 Coated Classical Strings - Normal tension

EXP45, normal tension, is D'Addario's best selling classical set, preferred for its balance of rich tone, comfortable feel and dynamic projection. 

  • EXP Coated version of D'Addario's most popular classical string; known for quality, consistency and a warm yet projecting tone
  • Part of the renowned D'Addario Pro-Arte series with highly accurate, laser sorted treble strings
  • EXP Coating provides 3-4 times longer string life
  • Normal tension, Clear Nylon, Non-Ball End
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance

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