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Ashton TR10 Trumpet (Ex-Demo) - Image 1 Ashton TR10 Trumpet (Ex-Demo)- Image 1 Ashton TR10 Trumpet (Ex-Demo)- Image 2
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Ashton TR10 Trumpet (Ex-Demo)

REDUCED PRICE, slightly scruffy case and slight marking on the lead tube.

The trumpet really is quite a versatile instrument - not just for the school orchestra. A quick blast or some backing horns can make all the difference to your band's sound, whether you're into rock, classical, jazz, or even hip hop. This top-value package includes a carry case to protect it from damage when you're not using it. Start blowing your own trumpet today!

  • Bb Trumpet
  • 1st & 3rd Valve Slides
  • Monel Valves
  • Includes Carry Case
  • Includes 7C Mouthpiece

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